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Research and development

To better understand PFAS issues and develop solutions to the challenges it presents, Airservices has significantly invested in research and development with industry and university groups. This R&D program includes initiatives aimed at gaining a better understanding of the behaviour of PFAS in the environment, supporting initiatives to establish screening criteria for ecological, human health and waste management and developing treatments to remove PFAS from impacted materials.

In partnership with Brisbane Airport and New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), Airservices and the University of Queensland are currently collaborating in an Australian Research Council-funded project to investigate the behaviour of fluorinated surfactants and hydrocarbons in coastal airport environments. Additionally, The University of Queensland and Airservices are developing another proposal, with industry partners, to further research how PFAS binds to soil in order to better assess the effectiveness of removal approaches such as soil washing as well as the analytical techniques for detecting PFAS. Meanwhile, Airservices is developing a research proposal to investigate the microbial degradation of PFAS with Flinders University, Adelaide Airport and the South Australian EPA.

Airservices has contributed to, and participated in, the ongoing development of Australian human health and ecological screening levels for PFAS since 2010. This has included the Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination and Remediation of the Environment’s efforts to develop such criteria for perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) as well as similar undertakings by Commonwealth and State government departments to establish consistent management and investigation approaches. An example of these is the PFAS National Environmental Management Plan being developed by State EPAs in collaboration with Commonwealth departments.

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