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Llandilo transfer documentation

The documents below support Airservices referral under theĀ Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 for the transfer of Llandilo to the NSW Government.

Report Size
Shane’s Park Environmental Management Plan 5.23mb
Appendix A EPBC Regulations 42kb
Appendix B Commonwealth Heritage Listing 48kb
Appendix C Llandilo Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment Tip 1 & Tip 2 4.35mb
Appendix C Contamination Investigation Llandilo Natural Area 6.01mb
Appendix D Weed Control Measures 222kb
Appendix E Fauna Species List 55kb
Appendix F Cumberland Land Snail Information Sheet 443kb
Appendix G GML Heritage Report 2.16mb
Appendix H JCIS Heritage Report 272kb
Appendix I Order of Cost Estimates 58kb