Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.


More information about Information Management and Technology

Information Management & Technology (IM&T) connects the Airservices information environment with all its core operations like managing air traffic and aviation rescue operations. IM&T provides the essential technology support, maintenance and development needed for the organisation to be successful in all their operations, be it providing essential data to airlines or maintaining the radars spread all across Australia. Working in IM&T will give you immense satisfaction knowing that you are doing meaningful work along with using cutting edge technology, to keep the Australia airspace safe and open for business.

To know more about the technology projects we have undertaken, explore the links below;

National Coordination Centre

Live weather Cameras

Collaborative Decision Making

Smart Tracking

More about OneSKY

Keeping the aviation industry moving safety is at our core, it’s what we do every day here at Airservices, and our air traffic management system is the backbone technology that supports us to be one of the world’s safest Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs).

We’re proud of our current air traffic management system, but it is approaching its end-of-life, so we’ve made the decision to replace it. Australia’s military air traffic control system is also reaching its end-of-life so together with the Department of Defence we’re working on a whole new concept. We’re creating Australia’s first harmonised civil and military air traffic management system, or CMATS for short.  

But what is OneSKY? The OneSKY Australia program is a team of experts from Airservices and Defence working together to deliver CMATS.  It is a significant joint program and it is focussed on aligning the needs of civil and military aviation to ensure we improve safety and efficiency for civil and military air traffic while catering for significant forecast growth in the aviation sector.

What's the connection?

We are.

No matter what role you undertake in Airservices Australia, you will ultimately connect people with people. Whether it be politicians with Canberra or tourists with China, you’ll play your part in the meaningful work of the safe arrival and departure of more than 154 million airline passengers every year. The work is demanding and rest assured you’ll never be bored. You’ll enjoy excellent opportunities, ongoing training and exceptional benefits. So if you’d like to connect with 4000 equally talented people, connect with us today.