Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.

Recruitment process

The recruitment process is completed in approximately four to five months from the time applications open to the time offers are made.  The stages are outlined below:

15-141GPH_ARFF recruitment process

1. Application form

Advertising is undertaken in major newspapers, on our website and online nationally, as well as in each of the locations that are recruiting. Advertising is generally open for three full weeks. We do not accept late applications. Please do not request to lodge an application after the closing date.

IMPORTANT: When applying for a role, you will be required to enter an email address and contact phone number. It is extremely important that you enter these details correctly as we communicate throughout the recruitment process via email. Please check the spelling of your email address and ensure that you include .com or correctly. If you are using a work email address, you may find that your security settings block some of our emails (Defence email addresses in particular). It is in your best interest to use a personal email address and to ensure that you consistently check your junk or spam folders for communication from Airservices. Given the volume of applicants involved in the recruitment process, we are unable to monitor this on your behalf. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to monitor your email account for communication.

We also communicate via SMS to ensure you are aware when urgent emails are awaiting your attention. You will be asked in your application whether you wish to receive SMS alerts or not. It is in your best interest to allow SMS alerts during this process, however, it is ultimately your decision as to whether you wish to receive an SMS or not.

2. Online ability assessments

If your initial application is deemed suitable, you will be asked to complete online Cognitive and Psychometric Assessments. You will receive an email with a link to our assessment supplier’s website. You will complete the assessments online. Please note that if you have completed all relevant online testing for this position within the last 12 months, you will not be asked to repeat it.

3. Physical assessment

If you pass the online testing, you may be invited to attend the physical assessments. You will be invited to attend the physical assessments at the fire station in the location you have applied for:

Stage 1: Simulated ladder raise

Stage 2 (to be completed within 15 minutes):

  • single-sided 26kg jerrycan carry for 195 metres
  • holding a 17.5kg jerrycan, complete a 36 step stair climb
  • rescue tool static hold featuring three 40 second holds at shoulder, waist and below knee height (20 second rest between each hold)
  • three 30 metre simulated hose drags.

Stage 3 (immediately follows Stage 2—to be completed within two minutes)

  • simulated fire attack, 30 metres
  • simulated fire fighter rescue, 10 metres.

To prepare for the physical assessment, watch our instructional video or read the Physical aptitude test guide.

4. Assessment Centre

If you pass the physical assessment, you may be invited to attend an assessment centre. This consists of a panel interview, teamwork exercise and online assessments to verify the assessment results you achieved in Stage 1.

You are required to attend the assessment centre at the fire station in the location you have applied for. We are unable to accommodate any requests to complete this assessment at an alternative time/location.

5. Reference check

If you are successful in reaching this stage of the process, you will be contacted prior to reference checks being conducted. You may make changes to your referee contact details at that point.

6. Offer of employment

If you are successful in being offered a position as an Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter in a specific location, you will be notified five to six weeks in advance of your employment and training course commencing, in order to provide you with sufficient time to undergo the necessary Security Check and a medical assessment based on a CASA Class II (2).

This will also give you time to prepare for your training course in Melbourne.

7. Security and CASA Class II Medical checks

An offer of employment is contingent on passing a medical (based on a CASA Class II (2) Assessment), an alcohol and other drugs test and obtaining an Airside ASIC. Darwin applicants are also required to obtain a National Security Clearance at Baseline level.

The medical assessment must be undertaken by a DAME (Designated Aviation Medical Examiner). Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your medical examiner forwards your results to Airservices Australia as per instructions provided to you prior to your exam.

8. Commencement of training and employment

If you are selected, you will receive 11 weeks of intensive training at our Melbourne Training Centre prior to placement at your home fire station. If you are successful in obtaining a position, we will contact you prior to the commencement of your course with relevant information to prepare you for your first day and for your training.