Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.

FOI disclosure log

In accordance with sections 8(2)(g) and 11C of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (“the FOI Act”), information released under the FOI Act is listed below.

Airservices will make documents available upon request, please contact the FOI Coordinator if you wish to access these documents.

The list does not include the following:

  • documents released under the FOI Act containing personal or business information which would be unreasonable to publish
  • documents to which access has been refused or which are exempt from release under the FOI Act
  • documents which have been released outside the FOI Act.
Disclosure Date Description of Documents
07 June 2011 Flights conducted by private jets in 2010
10 June 2011 Radar Terrain Clearance Charts
21 September 2011 Radar information in relation to aircraft VH-CIV
24 October 2011 Flight plans for various aircraft
08 December 2011 Flight plans for various aircraft
19 December 2011 Flight plans for various aircraft
15 March 2012 Flight plans for various aircraft
18 June 2012 Documents in relation to UFO sightings
21 June 2012 Flight data over Kurnell NSW
20 July 2012 Environmental assessments carried out by Airservices in relation to flight paths over Fingal Head
13 August 2012 Documents in relation to ATC short break procedure
16 August 2012 Documents in relation to Manual of Air Traffic Services (MATS)
29 August 2012 Flight plans for various aircraft
12 September 2012 Documents in relation to radar and radio transmitter sites
30 November 2012 Documents in relation to the report into the review/audit the board carried out into the expenses of the former CEO of Airservices
5 December 2012 Flight plans for various aircraft
3 December 2013 Documents in relation to Air Traffic Control local instructions and training material used by Air Traffic Control.
23 December 2013 Details of the remuneration rates for all senior leadership team members (3rd level managers) in Airservices Australia, including their total remuneration and total.
9 January 2014 Documents in relation to Air Traffic Control local instructions.
11 March 2014 Correspondence from Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston of Airservices Australia to the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development – since 8 September 2013 to January 2014.
9 April 2014 Documents relating to the radar replay in relation to the “near miss” event between an aircraft and an “unknown object” over metropolitan Perth at 0913 WST on the 19th of March, 2014.
30 September 2014 Documents relating to any primary and secondary radar contacts over the town of, and regional area surrounding Armidale, New South Wales on the night of Sunday the 21st of September, 2014.
1 October 2014 Documents relating to consultation done regarding changes to Airservices work performance framework.
20 October 2014 Documents relating to noise monitoring around Busselton Regional Airport (BRA).
6 December 2014 Documents relating to Airservices tender number ASA RFT PRN4811 (ARFF modular fire station) Port Hedland WA.
9 February 2014 Documents relating to the contract and relationship between International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) and Airservices Australia.
2 July 2015 Transcript of audio between air traffic control and pilot in command.
14 July 2015 Documents relating to aircraft noise around Ashgrove QLD.
30 July 2015 Documents relating to Geelong Planning Permit PP879 2014 helicopter landing site (Victoria).
25 August 2015 Primary radar data for Cairns International Airport for 18 August 2015.
27 August 2015 Internal Incident report.
28 August 2015 Primary radar data for Tullamarine Airport Melbourne for 23 August 2015.
03 September 2015 Primary radar data from Cairns International Airport.
14 September 2015 Primary radar data, tracks, returns, sourced from Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne.
30 November 2015 Flight plans and/or flight records for January 2014 onward for:
– the helicopter VH-FOX
– the aircraft VH-LEP, VH-LEF and VH-LZP
– the aircraft VH-CCD, VH-CCX and VH-CCV.
07 December 2015 Guidelines under which an environmental assessment is completed and documents related to the incomplete trial over Canning Vale.
02 March 2016 Instructions/procedures and correspondence in regards to how air traffic controllers at Melbourne airport should respond to ‘double go-arounds ‘ situations during Land And Hold Short Operations (LAHSO).
02 March 2016 Copies of all advice provided by Airservices to Hon Warren Truss MP, Deputy Prime Minister on the now approved Gold Coast ILS.
10 March 2016 Documents between elected members, Perth Airport, Airservices and AECOM.
22 March 2016 Documents related to Tethered UAV Operations.
19 April 2016 Documents related to Trips Airservices Australia staff have made to France for discussions regarding OneSKY.
27 May 2016 Expenditure details of corporate credit card or cards on the Airservices Australia account held by acting CEO at the time.
23 June 2016 Airservices Australia ATC Workplace Assessment Brisbane Operations Room.
09 November 2016 Radar replays and flight information for Saturday 9 Jan 2016 (4.20pm to 5pm) and Friday 26 August 2011 between 5.30 pm and 5.40 pm.
12 November 2016 Flight plan lodged and any recordings with air traffic control regarding a private helicopter.
16 December 2016 (stage 1) and 22 December 2016 (stage 2) Documents related to branch assurance assessments, DRE assurance assessments, OLR unit assurance assessments and ToM (Target Operating Model) risk assessments.
19 February 2017 Documents related to the movement of aircrafts that used ‘smart track’.